First Grade Math

We are working on measurement!

1.9 The student will use nonstandard units to measure length, weight/mass, and volume.
1.10 The student will compare, using the concepts of more, less, and equivalent,
a) the volumes of two given containers; and b) the weight/mass of two objects, using a balance scale.

We will be reviewing number sense to prepare us for 2nd grade!
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We are continually working on improving our number sense and number identification skills.

Look under useful links for online resources to help your student.

1.1 The student will a) count from 0 to 100 and write the corresponding numerals; and
b) group a collection of up to 100 objects into tens and ones and write the corresponding numeral to develop an understanding of place value.
1.2 The student will count forward by ones, twos, fives, and tens to 100 and backward by ones from 30.
1.3 The student will identify the parts of a set and/or region that represent fractions for halves, thirds, and fourths and write the fractions.
1.4 The student, given a familiar problem situation involving magnitude, will a) select a reasonable order of magnitude from three given quantities: a one-digit numeral, a two-digit numeral, and a three digit numeral (e.g., 5, 50, 500); and b) explain the reasonableness of the choice.