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Group A:  We are learning to read! We are learning letter sounds and how to blend letters together in order to read CVC words. We are working on learning our sight words. 
Use magnetic letters or letter cards to have your child sort letters by whether they are consonants or vowels and by uppercase or lowercase. Have your child use magnetic letters or letter cards to write their sight words.

Group B: We are learning how to blend multi-syllabic words together. We are working on reading long vowel words, vowel diagraphs, and CVCe words. We are improving our sight word knowledge. 

Group C: We are working on reading words with consonant clusters, r controlled vowels, and diphthongs (ou). We are working on making connections with the text and improving our reading comprehension.

Group D: We are working on learning to decode multi-syllabic words. We are improving our sight word knowledge daily.

Group E: We are working hard on expanding our reading ability. We are working with short and long vowels.