Classroom Guidance Topics by Month
Welcome Back!   We will begin the school year with lessons that help us get to know each other, become familiar with classroom and school procedures and making Good Choices.

Classroom lessons continue with topics: Making Good Choices at School, Practicing our Listening Skills and using Manners.

Classroom guidance lessons begin with learning and understanding Tolerance, and being Kind to our peers and teachers. Students also began units dealing with Diversity and Anti-Bullying.  The month will end with lessons practicing Safety in Life and when using Technology.

November classroom guidance lessons will focus on communities, helping others and diversity.

Classroom guidance will continue with lessons practicing and using manners, kindness, helping actions and friendship.

The new year will be a very busy month for classroom guidance. We will begin a weeks long unit on Career Exploration. We also will discuss Community Helpers, Goal Setting and Bullying.  Fifth grade will also discuss 6th Grade Transition and complete class requests for the new school year.

Classroom guidance for the month of February involved several important topics. We had several discussions and activities involving the difference and similarities of Listening and Hearing. We also spent a lot of time reviewing safety guidelines while using technology. Finally, we reviewed and practiced using our manners.

The month went so quick! We practiced manners and friendship strategies. Grades 3-5 had testing simulations the first part of March. However, we still had classroom discussions about our behavior towards friends and how our words can help or hurt.

Classroom guidance lessons for all students this month covered a wide range of topics.  We discussed Friendship and how to be a good Friend in all grades. We also had several lessons concerning Individuality and It's OK to be Different.  We ended the month learning and reviewing strategies to use when Angry, the difference in Tattling and Telling and treating each other with Respect.

We will finish up this school year with several lessons about setting goals and also career exploration activities.